Online Application System for The Summer Science Research Program

Application Guidelines

Deadline for receipt of applications is January 8, 2018.

First-time applicants to the SSRP must submit:

  1. Essay Questions: Choose one of the following:
    • Assume that you have unlimited resources and scientific expertise to create a new scientific technology, or markedly improve an existing technology. What would it be and how would you apply this technology to benefit humanity?
    • At the root of science fiction stories and characters is a scientific idea that has been stretched beyond what is humanly possible. Assume the constraints of reality have been removed, and you can use science to give yourself a superpower. What would this superpower be, and why would you want it?
  2. Newswire Commentary: A commentary of 750 (or fewer) words on a Newswire article linked from The Rockefeller University's Home Page ( Please address the following questions:
    • How would you explain this work to a 5th grade student? Keep in mind that the language being used should be accessible.
    • What interests you about the research discussed in this article?
    • What would you do next if you were the researcher? What are the broader implications of this research?
  3. School transcript (unofficial/student copy) to be scanned and uploaded online.
  4. Curriculum Vitae/Resume: A current curriculum vitae or resume to be uploaded online.
  5. Two letters of recommendation, from science or math teachers or previous science research mentors. Letters of recommendation should be submitted online. Instructions are provided in the application.

Documents not submitted online should be mailed to:
Summer Science Research Program
The Rockefeller University
1230 York Ave., Box 53
New York, NY 10065

Applications must be submitted no later than January 8, 2018, paper materials submitted must be postmarked by the deadline in order for the application to be considered. Final decisions will be made by the end of May. Applicants must provide a valid e-mail address, as this is how all information will be disseminated.

Students should state a preference for working in particular areas of research (please see section 3 of the application). However, we cannot guarantee that specific preferences will be met. For a listing of research areas, we encourage you to visit the Research Areas section of the Rockefeller University Website

Questions concerning the Summer Science Research Program should be directed to:

Summer Science Research Program
(212) 327-7930
E-mail to bhgernpu@ebpxrsryyre.rqh

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